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Release Your Stress..Create More Success

Hosted by
Bhavna Patel
August 15th | 11:00 am AEST | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

The REAL impact of stress

Get clear on the purpose and impact of the bodies stress response and why we've got it all wrong.

7 -Step Process to Release Stress and Regain Balance

Learn a simple and powerful DIY 7-step process to release past stress and manage future stress.

Use the 7-Step Process to Create

See how you can double up the 7-step process to define goals and create success in your life.


About Bhavna Patel

Bhavna is the Founder of Stepping Into You, an organisation committed to creating and developing authentic and heart-centred leaders who can in turn develop happy healthy humans in their businesses, with a knowing that the by-product of growth is high performance and increased revenue!

Bhavna has worked internationally across multiple industries for over 18 years in Organisational Development at operational and strategic levels. She is an enthusiastic and highly motivated individual and has seen much success creating and managing programs for personal and professional growth; delivering leadership programs, investing in organisation talent pools; creating simple people processes and procedures; setting up organisation strategies and systems that enabled organisations to take ownership and have sustainability of their people development.

Bhavna’s blend of business, people and development approaches and tools allow clients to be happier, increase performance, and experience greater business results. She works with clients to help them identify their specific needs and goals and then identify the best approach to assist in them achieving them/getting there.

Her extensive spectrum of qualifications and study include BA Business & Marketing, MA Human Resource Development, Business Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psychology, PSYCH-K®, Reiki, Indian healing practices and massage. With her commitment to personal-growth, her learning is always expanding, currently in the space Neuroscience and Quantum Physics.

At her core she loves what she does, it’s not work, it’s her passion.

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August 15th
11:00 am AEST